Sharing the Gift

For those of us who have had the great, good fortune to be paid to use our brains to find oil & gas, and to maximize its production, please give some thought to building that opportunity for the generations to come. Building a career in the geosciences for a number of us was probably a given. Dad or Mom worked in the oil patch and passed along compelling stories of the challenges of trying to understand how Mother Nature distributed oil & gas in reservoirs thousands of feet below us. Our friends had parents who worked in the industry and we were constantly immersed in the culture of oil & gas. For others, our path to exploration geology, geophysics, or petroleum engineering was probably, in large part, a function of luck. For me, it certainly was. I was a military brat. My dad was a career U.S. Army officer whose focus during the Cold War was the supply of and logistical support of the Army’s mission in Europe, then in Asia. I remember him telling me about the time as a Lieutenant Colonel in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1957, he was charged by his commanding officer—a three-star Lieutenant General—with assessing the… continue reading

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