Self-optimizing power plant of E.ON uses ProCom solution

More profit with BoFiT: Fully automatic distribution of power plant flexibility in short-term trading Aachen (Germany), September 2019 – Those who want to increase the profit of their power plants and market free flexibilities in short-term trading or on the control power market around the clock will find the right solution in ProCom’s BoFiT Optimization. BoFiT maps generation or trading portfolios in one model. Based on this mathematical model, the solution examines possible plant deployment scenarios and optimizes them against the existing market channels. BoFiT considers technical restrictions of the generation plants, available storage capacities, fuel costs, weather, demand and price forecasts as well as all delivery obligations and calculates the optimal plant schedules on the basis of the information. The optimization is used at E.ON’s iQ CHP, the “intelligent power plant”, at DSM Nutritional Products GmbH in Grenzach-Wyhlen (near Basel). The combined cycle power plant thus supplies a DSM site and is highly automated. The optimization solution BoFiT from ProCom creates schedules, the iQ CHP platform implements the trade and the schedule in real time and allows the optimization to flow into the system without manual intervention. The result is a self-optimizing power plant operation with maximum revenues from… continue reading

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