Gas Injection Meets Market Expectation, Hurricane Dorian On the Way

Natural gas storage inventories increased 60 Bcf for the week ending August 23, according to the EIA’s weekly report. This is spot on with the market expectation, which was an injection of 60 Bcf. Working gas storage inventories now sit at 2.857 Tcf, which is 363 Bcf above inventories from the same time last year and 100 Bcf below the five-year average. At the time of writing, the October 2019 contract was trading at $2.275/MMBtu, roughly $0.053 higher than yesterday’s close. The September 2019 contract expired yesterday, rallying to close at $2.251/MMBtu, up $0.049 from the prior day’s close. Hurricane Dorian is headed toward the lower 48, but recent forecasts for the storm show that it is expected to hit the eastern part of Florida and stay away from the Gulf. With this current path, production isn’t expected to be impacted. However, should the forecasted path take a turn toward the Gulf, crews will be evacuated, and production will decrease for a short period of time. This path change must happen soon for production to be impacted, as Dorian is expected to hit the eastern coast of Florida this weekend. Additionally, should the hurricane path stay true, production will stay… continue reading

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