There was never a better time to build your own CTRM

In the last article, we touched on the acquisition activity in the CTRM software space and its impact on users before looking at opting for a custom build approach instead. We continue that theme with a look at how technology is making a custom build a more attractive and cost-effective option than ever before. In the space of less than a few months, Ion acquired Allegro, Trayport acquired Visotech and EnergyOne acquired Contigo. In fact, this software sector has a long history of merger and acquisitions going back to the late 1990’s when Caminus attempted a roll up of many vendors and was eventually swallowed up by SunGard. Brady was also extremely acquisitive over the last decade. There are many more examples of vendors buying market share in the space the most recent being Ion. But for buyers of CTRM software, this M&A activity can be deeply unsettling. Will the new owner continue to maintain the software? Will it retain the original vendors staffs, or will there be a constant drain of product knowledge at the vendor as people move on? Will the new vendor seek to dramatically increase support costs? These are just a few examples of the issues… continue reading

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