Getting Reactive Trader running in OpenFin Cloud Services

OpenFin has recently introduced a new suite of Cloud Services for finance, as part of their mission to accelerate digital transformation across the industry. OpenFin’s Cloud Services complements the OpenFin operating system, which is now being used at 1500 banks and buy-side firms. The new cloud offering provides firms with simple, turnkey solutions, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly internal builds. Reactive Trader is our real-time, open-source trading platform. It already runs in OpenFin (see here), and we were keen to see if we could get it up and running with OpenFin Cloud Services. The good news is that we stood up a working prototype very quickly, and we managed to integrate with the key services in no time. Notifications The OpenFin Cloud notifications service is integrated with the OpenFin Cloud launcher, and allows notifications across multiple applications to be shown in the same location. We refactored Reactive Trader to use the notification service, rather than native OpenFin notifications. Below you can see Reactive Trader showing first regular pop-up notifications, and then those notifications being stacked in the OpenFin Cloud Services notification center. A single notification Notifications Center Lots of notifications Snapping and docking OpenFin provides snap-and-dock capabilities by… continue reading

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