Amphora becomes VAKT interface partner

LONDON – July 31, 2019 – Amphora, a market leader in oil commodity trading and risk management (CTRM), is delighted to become an interface partner with VAKT. Chris Mudry, CEO at Amphora says: “VAKT offers the energy industry a genuine opportunity to streamline post trade processes. Such efficiency gains are long overdue in a market with increasingly tighter margins. With VAKT, we can see an industry standard quickly advancing downstream from BFOET, especially into the barging markets.” Etienne Amic, CEO at VAKT comments: “VAKT is delighted to make this announcement alongside Amphora. VAKT considers interface partnerships a critical component in the development of our fast-expanding digital ecosystem as they allow seamless access to the VAKT services for our clients.” Ivan O’Toole, Head of Sales and Marketing at Amphora, adds: “We are live with our first client using VAKT. VAKT is now a standard offering in our portfolio, with seamless integration to our Symphony trading and risk management platform. We are excited to become part of a growing digital ecosystem and will support our clients whenever they adopt VAKT.”

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