Webinar: Where do the Major Permian Players Stand after the Anadarko Acquisition?

The brief but intense Chevron-Occidental bidding war for Anadarko resulted in one of the largest upstream O&G deals ever. But that’s already old news. Now the questions on the collective mind of O&G investors and executives are: “What does this mean for my company, and are more deals on the way?”   Join us on Tuesday, June 11th for a live webinar when our expert analysts will examine the competitive landscape among the major Permian players. Follow this link to register to attend.   Andrew Dittmar, a Senior M&A Analyst on the Drillinginfo Market Research Team, will look at how the market is valuing companies on a dollar per acre basis, how that stacks up with previous Permian deals, and the key trends shaping the M&A landscape. Andrew will also look at specific companies like Diamondback Energy, Pioneer Natural Resources and Concho that are candidates for the next transaction of $20 billion or more, and those who could be in smaller deals like Parsley Energy and Centennial Resource Development.   Tyler Krolczyk, a Petroleum Engineer and Technical Advisor on the Drillinginfo Consulting Services Team, will do a deep dive into these assets from the engineering and geology perspectives to explain… continue reading

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