Rising Above the Fray Series – The Market Taketh and The Market Giveth

What’s Hot, What’s Not As Wall Street has slammed the brakes on providing funding via secondary equity offerings and public bond raises, E&Ps are increasingly switching lanes towards other strong market segments as opportune sources of capital. This article provides data and insight on the depth of the Wall Street shutdown (The Market Taketh) as well as some sweet spots for U.S. E&P operators and capital providers to tap into for opportunities (The Market Giveth) including a strong Royalty and Minerals market, a strong Midstream market and other bright spots. From an industry, capital allocator and investors perspective, the suite of product offerings by Drillinginfo, including its Market Research, Market Intelligence, Mineral and Midstream Research offerings allow for dynamic, single-sourced, integrated quality data sets to stay ahead of the pack and quickly identify profitable opportunities in the one of largest markets in the world (energy) across the entire the energy value chain — be it above ground or below ground, across commodities, in the U.S. or international, or in the public or private markets. The Market Taketh Equity Markets Issue $0 Since November 2018 Now that we are approaching the mid-year point of 2019, it is remarkable that year-to-date no… continue reading

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