Europe, US aim to boost ethanol share in gasoline, but obstacles remain

Ambitious emissions targets are driving governments across the globe to mandate greater use of biofuels in gasoline, and higher-ethanol blends of gasoline look set to make further inroads in the EU in the coming year. Electric vehicles and hybrids have dominated headlines and are frequently portrayed as the answer to cutting road transport emissions. But even if all new cars purchased from now on were electric, it would still take several decades before the entire fleet was renewed. Although biofuels have attracted some controversy, they continue to be seen by many states as a more immediate solution for reducing vehicle greenhouse gas emissions. In a number of European countries, consumption of gasoline blends with 5% and 10% ethanol is growing, as individual states gradually implement legislation to meet EU-wide targets. The Netherlands’ upcoming adoption of E10 in particular is seen as a potential tipping point for the region. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the US is targeting a 15% blending level for the summer months. For the US, the push towards greater use of biofuels is not only about environmental protection – energy security has also been a major driver of the policy. But there are still challenges to overcome before… continue reading

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