4 ways legacy CTRM is hurting your business

CTRM systems were created in the 1990s to help commodity trading companies – primarily oil companies initially – navigate the complexities around regulations, rates, terms and conditions of the sale and transportation of fossil fuel products. These first ETRM/CTRM systems were designed for a different time, with slower data flows and more narrow trading markets.  Commodity trading companies relied on after-the-fact accounting and reconciliation and used spreadsheets to aggregate data for analysis.  Today, markets move faster and so does data. Thanks to modern technology, real-time data, and advanced analytics like AI and machine learning, today’s traders have the tools to make smarter, faster decisions.   Watch this recorded webinar with CTRM Center’s Patrick Reames to learn more about how C/ETRM is evolving.  Source: EKA – 4 ways legacy CTRM is hurting your business

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