Insight Conversation: Carole Nakhle, Crystol Energy

Carole Nakhle, CEO of independent consultancy Crystol Energy and founder of Access for Women in Energy, spoke to Paul Hickin about energy transitions and shifting oil and gas politics. How do you see the energy mix changing in the next decade? The global energy mix is unlikely to look much different from today. The lion’s share will continue to be provided by fossil fuels – that is coal, oil and natural gas, accounting for more than 85%. The rest will come from energy that does not emit CO2, with an increasing contribution from modern renewable energy – solar and wind. Often, we hear about the impressive double-digit growth rates of renewable energy, suggesting – wrongly, in my view – that the world’s energy mix will change drastically in the next few years. This is surely a noble aspiration, but a degree of realism will have to prevail once the numbers are put into perspective. Renewable energy is starting from a very low base. The current share stands at just under 12%, according to the IEA. However, in this account the majority comes from the oldest forms of renewable energy, such as biomass and hydropower. Biomass is usually poor people burning… continue reading

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