VisoTech’s autoTRADER delivers stable 24×7 trading on EPEX SPOT Vienna, March 19, 2019 – Stadtwerke München (SWM), one of Germany’s largest municipal utilities, has expanded its use of the VisoTech autoTRADER to the UK power market. This comes shortly after EPEX migrated the UK intraday market onto the M7 platform, enabling algo-trading in the UK for the first time. After a year of successful and stable autoTRADER operation on the German market, the Munich-based power supplier became one of the first companies to carry out algo-trading in the UK. As part of a digitalisation initiative SWM set the ambitious goal to fully automate their complete direct marketing process, from weather forecasting to schedule nomination. Before they implemented the autoTRADER a year ago, they did not have a 24×7 trading program. Now they can trade power around the clock and profit from the market without the additional cost and complexity of a trading night shift.   Thanks to the much greater speed of algo-trading compared to manual trading we are currently enjoying a first-mover advantage.   In November 2018 EPEX SPOT migrated the UK intraday power market to the M7 platform. This enabled companies trading in the UK to perform algorithmic trading, using… continue reading

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