Blockchain Enabled Marketplace for Farmers

What started as a niche technology backing crypto currencies, today is one of the biggest disruptive forces that will enable a paradigm shift in key industries of the world. According to a recent survey by Deloitte, over 95% of the businesses are investing in blockchain. Progressive players in agriculture, healthcare, logistics et al are investing big bucks to explore possibilities. As an innovating enterprise, Eka has always envisioned a forward looking agriculture ecosystem, and it was with this vision that we invested in a pilot for blockchain for coffee growers of India – to understand how a paradigm shift can be brought about and how adoption challenges for farmers can be mitigated in a country which is Asia’s 3rd largest producer and exporter of coffee and where 15.45% of the GDP comes from the agriculture sector.  Source: EKA – Blockchain Enabled Marketplace for Farmers

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Source: CTRM Center

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