Rethinking CTRM – Part Four

In part 4, we will look at releasing the software into a production environment and keeping it current. We have, in the previous blogs in this series, described the architecture and methodologies that can help us to build systems that enable strong revenue growth and capture the data that is important to the business. However, this is meaningless if the software cannot be released into a production environment in good time. Commodity trading is a dynamic, fast-moving and often changing business that demand agility from business process and systems in order to thrive. This means that the CTRM and related software must change if and when the business processes change. The modelling techniques discussed in the earlier blogs in this series enable us to efficiently change the software when the domain changes. To ensure that the ability to release software is not a bottleneck, Adaptive employs DevOps practices and applies the principles of continuous delivery – but what is it and how does it work? Continuous delivery At its heart, agile software development relies on regularly iterating and improving through short feedback cycles. Continuous delivery principles extend this to say that each completed piece of work should be fit to… continue reading

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