8Telling Findings that C/ETRM has Changed

At Pioneer Solutions, one goal never changes, and that’s our commitment to approach every engagement with our existing and prospective customers with one objective in mind; ensuring their success and satisfaction. We want them to know how our C/ETRM solutions will benefit their operations through increasing process efficiency, reducing cost, minimizing operational risks while maximizing business opportunities. As a true Pioneer, we continuously innovate, living up to our hard-earned reputation of delivering next-generation solutions that the market demands. While doing exactly that, we have collected during our engagements with prospective customers: 8Telling findings that C/ETRM has changed. Many C/ETRM systems are not really a “Live” system with near real-time updates When asked how quick reports are updated, the response is through End-of-Day processing or later in the afternoon at the earliest. To manage exposures and capitalize on opportunities, it requires a live, real-time system with automated market connections where market pricing gets fed in, exchange trades imported, and position updates shown instantaneously. Most C/ETRM system neither support Non-standard deals and Settlement nor complex settlement (i.e. C&I Billing) Yes, most of the C/ETRM system we run into, can only support standard deal and contract settlement (price * volume), or sometimes can’t… continue reading

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