UK electricity links to Europe multiply, even as Brexit looms

This week marks the start of a new phase in London-Brussels relations. But it has nothing to do with Brexit, and it won’t be political power returning to Westminster as a result of the UK’s departure from the European Union. Instead, the power flowing across the English Channel will be of the electrical variety, as the Nemo electricity interconnector – the first direct connection between the UK and Belgium – begins commercial operations on 31st January. The 1 GW link will be capable of supplying enough power to meet the electricity needs of 2.2 million UK homes. Nemo is the first new interconnector between mainland Europe and the UK in 7 years and the timing of the link’s start-up is loaded with irony. Just as the UK is on the brink of severing its political connections with the rest of Europe, Nemo marks the first of a number of new planned subsea electricity interconnectors that will bind the UK more closely to Europe’s power markets than ever before. Until now, the UK has had just two means of exchanging power with mainland Europe – the 2 GW IFA interconnector with France, which first came online in 1986, and the 1… continue reading

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