SAP – Blockchain in the Energy Sector: Potential for Energy Providers

What opportunities does blockchain technology offer the energy sector? Will it lead to new business models and more efficiency? A study by SAP, the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), and the Fresenius university provides some insight. Everyone has been talking about blockchain for some time now. The energy sector is no different. Around the world, energy companies have been looking at use cases and many projects are already using initial applications. Although the conditions in which blockchain projects are created vary by country, there are similarities in how the technology is used. In the study, “Blockchain in the Energy Sector: The Potential for Energy Providers,” SAP, the BDEW, and the Fresenius university provide an overview of how blockchain could be used in the energy sector. “There is a growing sense of decentralization, connection, and complexity in the energy sector. And this is a trend that we are seeing not just in Germany, but around the world. Blockchain can take these trends further and open up the field for innovation and new business models,” says Stefan Kapferer, chairperson of the Management Board at BDEW. Innovations and New Business Models “I’m pleased that we had SAP, an internationally recognized… continue reading

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