Drillinginfo Provides Market Clarity in Report Focused on Price Drop Impacts

Latest FundamentalEdge Series update “After the Storm” outlines new 5-year outlook Austin, TX (January 9, 2018) – Drillinginfo, the leading energy SaaS and data analytics company, has released After the Storm, a forward-looking report on the company’s current view of the oil, natural gas, and NGL markets over the next five years. This update follows the market intelligence team’s recent overview confirming crude oil prices have hit their peak price for the foreseeable future. The 50+ page report includes a depth of market insight including how speculative factors drove the price of oil up to $75/Bbl in 2018. Though much of the industry’s focus remains on the Permian Basin and its economics and vast stacked play potential lately, it is worth noting that the core of all major shale basins remain economic at prices below $55/Bbl. Also included in the report are OPEC quotas and impacts to OECD inventories, and how over a longer time frame, a $55/Bbl and $2.85/MMBtu long-term price scenario would drive oversupply for several years before starting to succumb to an undersupplied market in 2023 due to lack of longer-term projects, continued demand growth, and plateauing U.S. production. Natural gas is predicted to continue to grow,… continue reading

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