Disruptive and Enabling Technologies in Commodities

Interview with Matt Dolton CEO and Co-founder at Kynetix ComTech Advisory: We recently issued our disruptive technologies research report in which we discussed the massive changes taking place in the commodities sector and the new technologies such as blockchain, AI and so on that are already potentially revolutionizing how business is done or will be done. What changes are you seeing in the industry at the moment? Matt Dolton: We’re entering a very exciting time for the commodities sector at the moment. Some of the hype over blockchain is beginning to die down as the proofs-of-concept and trials draw their conclusions, and the real use cases will start to emerge. One interesting piece of feedback that we are hearing is that business models need to change, not just the technology. We’re seeing a lot of people still interested in working with us on blockchain, but at the same time being aware of the limitations and looking for fast, easy solutions to real business issues. Business agility seems more of a key driver than ever. ComTech Advisory: And what technologies do you believe are poised to transform business processes in the sector? Matt Dolton: Everyone seems convinced that distributed ledgers have… continue reading

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