Reflecting the needs of the commodity industry, TRADESPARENT today announces the upgrade of its Portfolio Stress Test Solution allowing market participants to determine portfolio risk and being able to more rapidly set hedging strategies based on accurate and timely data to mitigate losses. PORTFOLIO STRESS TEST 2.0 Portfolio Stress Test 2.0 is part of an upgrade to TRADESPARENT Risk Analytics business solution that includes new tools for a more meaningful representation of key market exposure drivers. It allows users to design various market scenarios such as trade flows and cross those scenarios against the relevant portfolios. The upgraded solution is specifically designed for market participants active in the commodity trade and processing industry and including: Upside/downside comparisons Stress Test limits Full coverage option risk PNL decomposition Dynamic Mapping RISK ANALYTICS BUSINESS SOLUTION The Risk Analytics Business Solution is equipped with additional risk metrics to gain deeper insights of your physical, financial and procurement risk and trade portfolio to be able to translate risk into opportunity. Move beyond reporting on position and performance allowing companies to create what-if scenarios, stress test their portfolios. For more information, please visit: Ready to take data-driven Risk decisions? request a demo by signing up… continue reading

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