New specific commodity industry features in Agiblocks CTRM

The importance of industry focused features and functions in Commodity Trade and Risk Management software (CTRM) was once more confirmed in 2018. Agiblocks CTRM software supports the agricultural and soft-commodity industries. In 2018 a large number of Cocoa, Coffee and Sugar traders and processors chose to use Agiblocks as the CTRM platform to support their trade and/or procurement operations. The confidence of these companies motivates Agiboo to go the next level when it comes to industry specific support in the years ahead.   Industry Specific Support in Agiblocks CTRM The need for these industry specific features for industries are mostly caused by the physical nature of the commodity or the structure of the exchanges. Our experience learns that without specific industry support users are almost required to have separate administrations on the side  of their CTRM. These on the side administrations, mostly calculation and registrations in excel, are usually causing inaccurate representation of trading positions, market to market valuations and/or financial accounting mismatches. Examples There are many examples, sugar for instance,  is rather unique in the way that the commodity on one exchange (NY) traded can be converted to an other commodity on a different exchange (London). Cocoa beans are… continue reading

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