C/ETRM & Business Intelligence: Are you a Data Driven company already?

They say that data is the world’s new currency or the new oil. Ongoing digitization has created vast streams of data, considered as corporate assets that enterprises try to leverage in a ‘Data Economy’ to improve efficiencies and drive revenue growth. In the field of commodity/energy trading, a next-generation and integrated C/ETRM system can capture this data in what is often called a single ‘version of the truth’. This way, data-driven companies take advantage of multiple sources of data to improve and speed up their decision-making processes. By having superior Business Intelligence reporting, data-driven companies can have superior insights. Power BI is integrated in www.TRMTracker.com and provides a powerful reporting tool enabling Business Intelligence with live dashboards through compelling visualization. Are you a data-driven company already? According to a Forrester study, 74 percent of all companies would like to be more data-driven, but only 29 percent claim that they are actually good at putting this idea into action. To companies still relying on silos of Excel Spreadsheets or legacy systems, a modern cloud-based Software-as-as-Service C/ETRM, such as www.trmtracker.com, offers comprehensive front-to-back functionality and enables making the step to digital transformation easier. Organizations increasingly realize that in order to stay competitive,… continue reading

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