Intercompany transactions in new version of CTRM for JD Edwards ERP

Cadran Consultancy announces the release of the new version 3.2 of its Commodity Trading module for Oracle JD Edwards (CTRM4JDE). The new version has many enhancements and new features for commodity traders whose business is to secure profitable trade margins, managing transport and taking part in manufacturing activities. ‘Based on what our existing customers needed and what is seen as generic functionality for new customers, we developed a roadmap for this new version 3.2. This Roadmap focused specifically on more elaborate intercompany transactions and adding pricing functionality’ said Ed Pieters, CEO of Cadran Consultancy. ‘The solution is very complete now and contains the most important functionality for commodity traders to keep up with the highly competitive global market developments’. Pieters stresses the fact that CTRM4JDE is fully integrated with JD Edwards ERP, ensuring that everyone is working in one system across the entire company, allowing for a seamless integration of key business processes. The latest version 3.2 includes: Intercompany transactions As Many commodity traders have multiple companies that sell and buy from each other, they require functionality that enables automated and synchronized intercompany transactions. CTRM4JDE now supports this to be done automatically, allowing for a transparent registry of transactions with… continue reading

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