Insight Conversation: B. Anand, Nayara Energy

B. Anand is CEO of Nayara Energy, the owner of India’s Vadinar refinery and a top buyer of Iranian oil. In a recent Insight Conversation video, Anand spoke to Sambit Mohanty about the company’s crude purchases and wider strategy. There are two major themes affecting the market right now: US sanctions on Iran and the US–China trade war. How will those two factors impact the dynamics of crude flows into India? As you know, India and Iran have been very robust partners as far as crude supplies are concerned. India has been the logical market for much of the Iranian crude to flow and Nayara has been relying a lot on Iranian crude. It’s a logical fit. There is a great relationship that we share, which I am sure other refineries in India also do. So the US sanctions on Iran will definitely have a massive economic impact, as far as India is concerned. We are keenly watching the developments and how the replacement happens, should there be a complete embargo on Iranian crude. Those are the kind of uncertainties everyone is talking about. As far as we are concerned, fortunately the kind of refinery that we are, it offers us… continue reading

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