Steel aims to boost its potential in the circular economy

On my train journey from London to Brussels for the World Steel Association Circular Economy Conference, out of the window I watched the landscape change from the English to the French and finally to the Belgian.  Jarring with the natural beauty of all three countries was one shared element — the rusty, abandoned steel rails at the side of the gleaming  tracks. Why not ensure a second life for this material? But what are we talking about precisely? The Circular Economy Conference aimed to address questions about how materials are used and how the planet’s health might be improved by changing business models. In a world where economic growth has been driven by uncontrolled use of resources we have now reached a point where it is crucial to stop and assess how we innovate. “We are in the 21st century, we don’t have the luxury to think short term,” Co-Chair UN International Resource Panel Janez Potocnik said at the event. Several speakers addressed the finite raw materials issue from different angles, suggesting new ways of implementing change while uprooting the old linear economy based on a take-make-dispose model. Europe is still majorly dependent on imported raw materials for up to… continue reading

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