Insight from Washington: What to watch for in the US midterm elections

By the time the polls close on November 6, Democrats may have wrested control of the US Congress for the first time since January 2011, an outcome which could have dramatic consequences for the future of Donald Trump’s presidency. November’s US midterm elections could set the path forward for federal policy for years to come and are likely to set the tone for 2020’s presidential election. While US oil and natural gas production is forecast to continue to shatter output records, something almost unthinkable back when Democrats last held control of the House and Senate, American energy policy is not expected to take a prominent role in these midterms. Still, voters will decide on a number of related policies, including a ballot initiative that opponents believe could stymie Colorado’s growing oil and gas industry and a push to repeal a gasoline tax in California, which may bolster demand in the country’s most populous state. In addition, the future of oil and gas policy could become a factor in races in North Dakota, Texas and Florida. Here’s what to watch for in the upcoming elections. Colorado drilling Colorado voters will decide whether to approve Initiative 97, a ballot measure that will… continue reading

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