‘See TRM’: An Eye Opener

CTRM is a term you are familiar with as a reader of our Blogs: Commodity Trading and Risk Management Systems. They are purpose-built software systems to automate complex and routine tasks and business processes around supply/sourcing management thereby eliminating manual processes and reducing costly errors. CTRM systems have been commercially available for almost two decades, yet firms still often find themselves using spreadsheets or developing systems in-house, believing those are better options for reasons of cost, strategy, and flexibility. Yet, they blind-sided themselves from a next-generation CTRM solution that offers all the non-proprietary functionality to support individual strategies with implementation options that can compete with the cost of playing ‘software-house’ internally: TRMTracker (“TRM”) by Pioneer Solutions. Hence, an invitation to you ‘See TRM’ – an Eye Opener! Why CTRM? The impacts of changing market rules and regulations, the transition to renewable energy, geopolitical developments, and competition from new market entrants, are just a few of the challenges that are forcing companies to review the systems that support their business. Real-time insight, creativity of product offerings, flexibility to change direction, while reducing risk and not leaving money on the table are prerequisites in today’s market place. Implementing a front-to-back ETRM system… continue reading

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