FIS Looks to Leverage Products into Energy & Commodities

ComTech Advisory: FIS Energy & Commodities is just a part of a larger group of products and business units offering trading and risk products that have some commodity capabilities. Can you tell us more about the products FIS has to offer into commodities? Dr Markus Seiser: Recently, we have combined all Trading and Risk Management assets in one joint group called CATR – Cross Asset Trading & Risk – covering the whole ecosystem from financial markets to energy & commodity markets. Companies of various industries approach the energy & commodity arena for different reasons –we support producers/generators, utilities and asset backed traders as well as banks, hedge funds, merchant traders or corporates in this area. The differentiator or the ideal product is very much dependent on the requirements the customer wants to solve. Let me give a brief overview: If we look at banks, hedge funds or merchant traders – where energy & commodities are just an additional desk to their financial portfolios of equity, fixed income, money market, etc. – then FIS’ Front Arena is the ideal product for them – as it provides scale, real time risk and lower total cost of ownership. Asset backed traders and utilities… continue reading

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