Meet Sashidhar, our new Software Test Engineer

With the new-year, more new members joined the team of Agiboo, strengthening our efforts investments in the scope and quality of Agiblocks.   Agiblocks it’s not just a CTRM system, is a specific CTRM system designed according to the needs of small and big enterprises, which are trading agricultural oρ soft commodities.   We enhance and grow our functionality base through frequent releases, with respect to our release management we are investing in our quality processes aiming to work towards continuous delivery.   Sashidhar joined recently our Software Testing department and we couldn’t miss the chance to annoy him with a short interview during the lunch break.   Are you ready to meet our new Software Test Engineer, Sashidhar?     Sashidhar, Software Test Engineer                                       -Hi Sashidhar, welcome on board! Can you tell us a bit about you and your background?     Hi, thank you, I am also excited joining you! Well, I’m Sashidhar Joganna a test professional. I have 13+ years of experience in the software development process. I have worked in banking and energy sector carrying out test… continue reading

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