FIS Gear Up to Launch Multiple Product Strategy into Commodities

Commodity Technology Advisory asks Dr. Markus Seiser, COO, FIS Energy, about FIS’s strategy and plans for Energy & Commodities ComTech Advisory: FIS now markets its solutions for energy and commodities markets under one umbrella. What products and services is FIS selling and to whom? Markus Seiser: Overall, FIS offers several multiple software products for various industry verticals, tailored to each client’s needs. For example: Our classical solutions for energy and commodities markets focus on asset-backed traders, producers and generators, utilities and LDCs, and others. Here, we serve our clients with extended transaction lifecycle management capabilities, starting with market data services (MarketMap Energy), our portfolio management, trading and risk management platforms (Aligne and XDM), including forecasting, optimization and logistics, and extending to treasury capabilities via our Quantum solution. We also serve merchants and proprietary traders, investment banks and hedge funds. For larger players that trade more asset classes than just energy and commodities, we offer Front Arena as our flagship product. We also offer Kiodex for energy and commodity traders and hedgers, along with our market data and forward curves offerings, provided by our MarketMap and Kiodex solutions. We also help energy-intensive industrials and manufacturers source and hedge commodities, as well,… continue reading

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