New York state paves the way for big infrastructure

Six months into Donald Trump’s presidency and not a single infrastructure project has been approved as a result of any efforts by him and his administration. It is all talk, so far, even though it was a cornerstone of Trump’s campaign and also that of his Democratic rival Hilary Clinton. Both candidates painted pictures of the entire country being completely starved of infrastructure spending and, while it is true that much of the US’ infrastructure is crumbling, renewal is taking place — just not on the scale of Trump’s much-hyped $1 trillion infrastructure spending plan. Nevertheless, some significant projects started long before Trump took office. One such example can be found in New York’s Hudson Valley, about 14 miles north of New York City. The $3.98 billion new Tappan Zee Bridge, just north of the existing bridge, is nearing completion and likely to partly open to traffic during the autumn and be fully open in both directions in mid-2018. The project was at least 10 years in the making, stuck fast in a quagmire of political ineptitude, before Governor Andrew Cuomo got things moving and contracts were signed and construction began in 2013. The $3.98 billion new Tappan Zee Bridge

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