C/ETRM Automation Increasing Productivity and ROI

Next Generation C/ETRM Solutions When C/ETRM systems were introduced 20 years ago, the goal was to automate the complex and routine tasks and business processes of commodity trading, eliminating manual processes, reducing costly errors, minimizing operational risk and increasing efficiency. Today we live in an age of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, and much more, with the goal to be agile, streamlined, efficient and harness the ability to leverage opportunities. While some of those cutting-edge technologies certainly cross the path of C/ETRM systems, industry surveys tell us that even the original automation goals have not been realized by the legacy solutions. Next-generation C/ETRM systems take advantage of the latest technology and deliver functionality to do more with less. Robust Deal Entry Functionality While having been promised front-to-back automation, the legacy C/ETRM system limitations hamper easy deal entry, near-real-time position and risk reporting, and the settlement of non-standard contracts. As a result, far too many trading shops are relying on little armies of deal entry clerks, spreadsheet jockeys, or settlement analysts. Next-generation C/ETRM systems provide functionality that allows a company to redirect its’ staff to get involved in more productive activities and at the same time achieve its other

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