Arcadia Agri selects TRADESPARENT’s Commodity Risk Management Software

TRADESPARENT, the leading global provider of Commodity Management Solutions announced today that Arcadia Agri has selected TRADESPARENT’s Commodity Risk Management software (RM) to provide daily up-to-date insights, analytics, reporting and monitoring of their trading and risk exposures with its proprietary Control Board and intuitive Personalized Dashboards. Arcadia Agri is a specialist risk management company that provides commodity hedging and risk management solutions to commodity consumers and producers through Over-the-Counter (OTC) structures and transactions. These services provide clients with protection against price volatility of underlying commodities to which they are exposed through their commercial activities. Allied to these derivatives products, Arcadia Agri is also able to offer its clients structured financing solutions. Arcadia Agri chose TRADESPARENT based on the close personal interactions between the Arcadia and the TRADESPARENT management teams. On top of this, TRADESPARENT’s profound industry knowledge and sophistication of its RM software were contributing factors. But in the end, the customer-sensitive, on-time and within budget implementations with strong returns on investment were decisive. “At Arcadia Agri we are delighted to announce that we have selected TRADESPARENT as our Risk Management Platform of choice” – Paul Bloemendal, Co-Head Agricultural Commodity Trading at Arcadia Agri in Singapore. “Tradesparent gives us all

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