UK election: Brexit confusion

UK Prime Minister Theresa May went to the country June 8 seeking a larger mandate both personally and for Brexit, negotiations for which should in theory start in a matter of weeks. Instead, the UK has returned a hung parliament in which no single party has an overall majority. It is a devastating result for May, whose position is now uncertain, and a vindication for opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, whose continuing leadership of the Labour Party now looks assured. However, despite its billing as the “Brexit election,” the first since the UK’s fateful referendum of June 23, 2016, neither of the two main parties campaigned on a reversal of that decision. The pro-Remain Liberal Democrats made gains, but still have only a handful of MPs. The Scottish Nationalists, also pro-Remain, registered significant losses, but remain the largest party in Scotland. Even if the Conservatives manage to form a minority government with the help of Democratic Unionist Party MPs from Northern Ireland, it will be a highly unstable administration, as would be an informal minority coalition led by Labour. It means that negotiations on Brexit are highly likely to be interrupted by another UK general election. The timetable was already

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