Risk Edge launches 3 New Platforms

(Jun 1, 2017) Risk Edge Solutions, a global leader in Risk & Predictive Analytics for Commodity companies, today announced simultaneous launch of 3 new platforms for Risk & Predictive Analytics. Mr. Nitin Gupta, Founder and CEO of Risk Edge, explained about these platforms: Risk Edge 3D chartP&L Simulation: “Our first platform is P&L Simulation, where our clients can simulate various input parameters like prices, currencies, differentials, inventory, demand & supply, etc. and see their impact in real-time on their P&L. The platform is online, and very flexible such that it can be customized to any clients’ requirements in less than 1 week. All the calculations are done in-memory, and users can see the simulations through interactive charts and 3D graphs – which will give them deeper understanding of non-linear relations between various parameters in their P&L, and help them manage their market risks better.” Market Data: Giving a description of the 2nd platform, he said, “We’ve also launched a Market Data platform, which collects and analyzes daily EOD market prices of almost 150 commodities. The prices can be seen upto 20 years back. This platform is available to all our clients and subscribers, and given that it is mobile &

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