Olam’s “One-Stop Tech Platform” Improves Yield, Traceability & Financial Access

06 Jun 2017 — Recent enhancements to the Olam Farmer Information System (OFIS) mean that 100,000 smallholder farmers now benefit from access to detailed information about their farms and many of their international customers now have unparalleled visibility into the production of emerging market crops like cashew and coffee. Each farm has been mapped and surveyed via an Android app with the uploaded data harnessed to provide tailored support for smallholders and more precise details to customers who need to make critical choices about financial interventions, such as agri-training, school or healthcare infrastructure. While technology has made advances in supporting smallholders, as well as supply chain transparency, OFIS Director Simon Brayn-Smith emphasizes the platform’s capability in helping all participants in the supply chain: “You have to remember that while big data usage is commonplace among large-scale farms, our field officers are working in some of the world’s most isolated places. With the OFIS technology they have been able to survey and record, on the spot, thousands of farms, the surrounding landscape, as well as the farmer’s social circumstances. This gives the farmers, Olam and our customers greater insight to tackle issues from poor yields to climate change and child labor.

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