A European Power Market Designed to Deliver a Clean Future for European Citizens

Thirteen industry leaders and associations have launched “Make Power Clean,” a joint initiative to promote a European electricity market designed to deliver cleaner energy for all. The European Union’s electricity market must become more flexible, secure and sustainable to put Europe on track for the energy transition. Avoiding that State aid, in the form of capacity mechanisms, ends up incentivising the most polluting and less flexible power plants is central to meeting this goal. The new “Make Power Clean” initiative strongly supports the European Commission’s proposal for a carbon eligibility criterion in the Regulation on the Internal Market for Electricity: it is a most needed step in the right direction. We call on the Council and the European Parliament to endorse the 550 g CO2/kWh carbon criterion, which is critical to the overall consistency and efficiency of EU climate and energy policy. Additional aid for higher CO2 emitting power plants should not be extended, given that cleaner supply alternatives are available now. This would go against the best interest of European citizens. As proposed by the European Commission, making the eligibility for capacity mechanisms conditional to a 550 g CO2/kWh carbon criterion is transparent and in line with the European

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