Sierentz Energy Selects Eka’s ETRM Software to Manage Natural Gas

Eka Software Solutions, the leading global provider of Smart Commodity Management software solutions, announced today that Sierentz Energy has selected Eka’s InSight CM® platform to manage trading, position, risk, scheduling, and settlement for natural gas. Eka’s ETRM solution provides real-time position, exposure, and risk management to efficiently run operations and meet reporting and auditing requirements. The solution will streamline the flow of information throughout the organization and ensure front, middle, and back office personnel have timely information to make the best decisions. Sierentz needed a platform that would meet current requirements and cost-effectively scale to meet future growth needs. “Eka has become the clear choice for energy companies amongst the ETRM software vendors,” said Andrew Bout, general manager, energy at Eka. “Our functionality is much more advanced than competitors, from simple back-to-back matching of trades to support for extremely complex itineraries that have multiple legs and multiple modes. Eka’s ETRM software improves operating margins by more accurately forecasting the volume of natural gas required by processing and power generation plants. Eka’s software reduces expenses by tracking costs throughout the entire product lifecycle from production to sale using the netback feature. We are pleased to welcome Sierentz as a new customer.”

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