LNG bunkering is an idea whose time hasn’t come (yet): Fuel for Thought

Time passes quickly when looking into LNG bunkering. Two years ago the market talked about it as a possible solution to the introduction of a 0.1% sulfur emission control area (ECA) for ships in northern Europe. Five years before that it was the start of the 1% sulfur ECA in the same area that might have helped promote the idea. And now the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has decided that global marine sulfur emission limits will be cut from 3.5% to 0.5% from 2020, prompting some to wonder again whether LNG bunkering might be the solution. Not long ago the industry gathered in Amsterdam for the annual LNG Bunkering Summit with that hope in mind. When 2020 comes, shipowners will either be forced to install emissions-cleaning scrubbers on board their vessels or switch to burning cleaner, more expensive fuels. For most that will mean switching to a gasoil-based fuel, but switching to LNG would allow shipowners both to comply with the new sulfur regulation and with future limits on nitrogen and particulate matter emissions that are likely to be imposed. But while a ship can burn a gasoil-based fuel straight away, using LNG would need a new engine for most—and

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