Let’s talk about NEAT: Looking dapper from its napper to its feet

Comedy actor Peter Sellers knew a thing or two about comic timing and delivery needed to make a good joke shine. After all he played Inspector Clouseau, Dr Stranglove, and Dr Fritz Fassbender among his many famous Hollywood characters. That’s why when Sellers sang the old Cockney London musical hall song Any Old Iron, he was able to deliver with aplomb the line, ‘You look neat. Talk about a treat! You look so dapper from your napper* to your feet.’ Neat now has a different meaning to Platts, but of course this would be unknown to Sellers and the Cockney musical hall songwriters of Any Old Iron. NEAT refers to our recently launched North East Asia Thermal (NEAT) coal index. Since its inception in early January, the daily index has tracked the value of thermal coal cargoes arriving into the markets of Japan, Korea and Taiwan from exporters including Australia, Colombia, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa. The index is normalized to the Japanese port of Kinuura, and has reflected changing trends in seaborne cargo freight for NorthEast Asia from Newcastle, Australia. It has also tracked ups and downs in demand for spot cargoes for the regional market, including a surge

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