Blockchain startup Everledger unveils new platform to digitally certify diamonds

Everledger, a blockchain-based startup company that uses the technology a distributed registry for diamonds, has unveiled the company’s newly built platform to digitally certify diamonds that are traced through the Kimberley Process of certification. The announcement was made by Leanne Kemp, the CEO and Founder of Everledger on stage at IBM Edge. The platform is built on the IBM Blockchain high-security business network on IBM Bluemix and delivered via the cloud. This IBM cloud-based blockchain solution protects against unauthorized access and tampering to meet the stringent security requirements of the diamond industry. This is done by fighting against threats, protecting data and securing entry points through the unique advanced security features underpinned by IBM LinuxONE. “We have driven the pace of innovation over the past months to engineer the technology necessary for a solution of this scale to be released to market,” Leanne Kemp, stated. “Working with IBM Blockchain as the backbone of our operations we’ve been able to move faster than anticipated to build a platform that can solve immediate problems being faced by the diamond industry, in addition to unlocking the potential to transform the way we protect commodities being traded in marketplaces globally.” The new platform is

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