AGIBOO is proud to announce that as from today, March 1st 2017, TOUTON GENEVA will be using AGIBLOCKS as its trade and risk management system for the company’s coffee business. The full implementation and data migration was executed in a 3-month period despite the holiday season. For AGIBOO this is another testament to AGIBLOCKS’ appeal for the coffee industry and AGIBOO’s ability to execute and deliver in a mature trading environment. This implementation is the first milestone in TOUTON’s decision to upgrade its technology to the AGIBLOCKS platform throughout its trading businesses. Management Quotes “ We are proud to have TOUTON as one of our customers” explains Bart Kroon, CEO of AGIBOO, “this recent implementation confirms that AGIBLOCKS is ready to be implemented in mature and professional trading environments and that we once again have been able to execute and deliver. For many trading companies the decision to opt for a new technology platform is a difficult one and usually prospects foresee cumbersome and difficult transition processes. With TOUTON we have once more confirmed that modern technology has a lower entry barrier and lower cost of transition and ownership. We look forward to proving ourselves to other players in the

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