Chicago jet fuel can be hazardous to your hair

Oh, to be a jet fuel trader in the US Midwest. Instead of the relatively ho-hum day-to-day ups and downs that pass for normal in the world of buying and selling commodities, those who deal in jet fuel in the Chicago area have had to familiarize themselves with terms such as “fit for purpose,” “spec parameters,” “quality assurance,” “flash point,” “freeze point,” “existent gum” and lastly — but, oh no, most certainly not least — the jet fuel thermal oxidation test, or JFTOT. It’s enough to make market players pull their hair out. Midwest jet sources said another batch of fuel recently came off Explorer Pipeline failing to meet what has become the spotlight JFTOT element of the year: good ol’ thermal stability. Let me be clear: I am a huge proponent of thermal stability in my jet fuel. I want the jet fuel in the airplane my family and I are sitting in, waiting to take off, to not only pass all the JFTOT tests, I want it to be the All-Time Valedictorian of All Possible Specification Tests on This or Other Planets. Off-spec jet fuel degradation can result in gummy residue or metal deposits that can wreak havoc

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