The Importance of Modern Technology to Minimise Risk in Energy Trading

We recently asked Adrian Bullock, CEO at Contigo, what he was seeing in terms of ETRM software in Europe. His take was that having a modern solution on a modern technology platform was paramount to being successful….. Commodity Technology Advisory: European power and gas markets are changing rapidly. What are you seeing and what are the impacts on ETRM software? Adrian Bullock: The energy markets have changed rapidly over recent years, and this change looks set to continue. Organisations are going to have to be flexible and efficient in order to adapt to this change, which in-turn will allow them to benefit from new opportunities, such as large-scale power storage, that could create new trading activity. Only the fast movers will be able to take advantage of these opportunities. However, many of the original ETRM systems, developed 15 or more years ago, are based on client-server technology and require a thick client application to be deployed on the desktop and direct database access rather than through a service layer. This architecture makes it much harder to install and upgrade new releases and makes the move to cloud based architecture very difficult. The new style of ETRM systems that use the most modern

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