Colombia’s peace deal could spur oil sector turnaround: Fuel for Thought

Is a peace dividend in the form of more investment–and ultimately more production and jobs–coming to Colombia’s beleaguered oil and gas sector? That’s been the hope of executives and analysts since the government signed a permanent cease fire on June 23 with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, the country’s largest rebel group. If a comprehensive peace deal is signed later this summer as expected, the warring sides could end 52 years of armed aggression. An end to hostilities, assuming one takes hold in the mostly rural areas where oil is pumped, would be welcome news for E&P and oil field services firms. Their employees have been regular victims over the decades of FARC kidnappings, bombings, extortion and murders. From 2001 through 2015, Colombian national police reported 219 oil company employees were kidnapped for ransom by FARC guerrillas and other groups, according to figures compiled by Agora Consultorias, a risk analysis firm in Bogota. Oil firms have paid untold millions in extortion payments to armed groups as well. Over that same 15-year period, there were 1,814 reported bombings of Colombian pipelines, the vast majority by suspected FARC rebels. According to El Tiempo newspaper, as many as 4.1 million

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