2016: A long and bumpy road for Brazil’s steelmaker CSN

Brazilian steelmaker CSN has been going through some turbulence since the incident at its No. 3 blast furnace in late April. Sources in Brazil note there have been delays in deliveries and it has been reported the company ordered a batch of slab from Iran to roll at its steelmaking complex in Rio de Janeiro state. At the time of the incident, CSN’s subsidiary in the US released a statement to its customers affirming its teams were evaluating the degree of the damage and the expected market impact of the mishap, including its effect on the North American order book. Queried, CSN’s headquarters in Sao Paulo confirmed there were “leakage emissions” from the equipment but that the problem was already under control. The company later confirmed the unit was back on stream. In mid-July, a source from CSN affirmed the company was indeed facing difficulties in deliveries and also that the company has purchased imported slab. Along with all that, an executive from Iranian steel producer Khouzestan Steel Company (KSC) said an assessment team from CSN has audited units of KSC in the country and ordered some 100,000 mt of slab to be shipped soon. CSN declined to comment. Amidst

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