Contract Management in Commodities

Commodity Technology Advisory: Firstly, can you provide some background on Chinsay and its track record and area of focus please? Colin Hayward: Chinsay has a 12 year track record of creating value for the maritime and physical commodity industries. We have grown over the years to a point where we now have 270 corporate customers including 23 multinational corporations and commodity traders using our platform every day with more than 3,000 unique users in 40 countries. 3 Billion MT of Dry & Tanker cargoes managed through the system. Our objective is to place world class contract management at the heart of our customers’ businesses. By providing a controlled and efficient platform to produce commodity and shipping contracts clients can extract maximum value from the process and resulting document data. We only focus on contracts and extracting value from the process of contract creation. We provide a modular system that means that we can deploy quickly and effectively for clients. CHINSAY’s head office is in Stockholm, Sweden. CHINSAY has a subsidiary in Singapore and representatives based in London and Tokyo. Our global team is comprised of shipping executives with decades of experience who understand our customers and provides responsive, around-the-clock training

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