To get big results for energy in the US Congress, start small

If you want to exercise big influence in Washington, think small. There are hundreds of groups of US legislators huddled around special interests in the Congress, including several dozen organized around energy-related issues. These groups, sometimes called congressional caucuses, are often the first place an industry group will go to start the conversation on a key issue, whether it be protecting US refiners or promoting oil and gas exploration off the Atlantic coast. The size of these “Congressional Member Organizations”— their formal name — can be as small as a handful of legislators pushing a specific issue. The “Congressional Rock and Roll Caucus,” for instance, was formed in 2012 by a legislator whose district includes the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio. There are other narrowly-focused groups, centered around such issues as bicycles, cement, horses, hockey and cranberries. Energy-related caucuses include those focused on biofuels, US refining, the use of algae as a fuel source, and LNG exports. Blog post continues below… Request a free trial of: Oilgram News Oilgram News brings fast-breaking global petroleum and gas news to your desktop every day. Our extensive global network of correspondents report on supply and demand trends, corporate news, government

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