The Oil Big Five: What news is good news for oil in 2016?

Welcome to the first version of The Oil Big Five for 2016, when we round up some of the biggest news and trends from the global oil industry and think to ourselves: Wow, things sure have changed since our first post. But then, that’s oil for you: Things are always changing, and yet some things remain the same. We asked our oil editors and analysts around the world for what they think are outstandingly important drivers in the markets, and these are items they chose, in no particular order. This is also your chance to weigh in. Tell us in the comments whether any of these topics ring especially true to you, or whether we’ve neglected some other topic that you think is really interesting or has the potential to shake markets. You can also find us on Twitter @PlattsOil and can share your thoughts on this post with the hashtag #oilbig5. 1. US crude exports — to Europe Last month, the newly unfettered access of US crude oil to global markets made our list, but that’s not the end of the story. One senior editorial leader here said, “The Big Five should really become the Big One this month,

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