The Journey To Big Data

Commodity Technology Advisory: What are the latest developments at DataGenic? Richard Quigley: As you know, providing enabling technology for our clients is at the core of what we do. However, the technology choice for enablement is now becoming a very relevant subject in all our product designs. There is no doubt that the Cloud has entered our personal and business lives as well as the ubiquity of mobiles and mobile apps. As such, although we will continue to offer on-premise and ASP models to our clients, we are developing new products and re-architecting the existing products for the Cloud. As part of our cloud initiatives, DataGenic are developing a new Genic WebServices platform offering, allowing full self-service smart analytics, data content, reporting, forward curve construction, workflow and other services. This will enable both the smallest and the largest client to consume our huge market data content (real-time, delayed and end of day) as well as use our enterprise strength applications fully online. The entire platform is fully responsive to desktop, tablet and mobile and operates across a choice of browsers. Mobile apps are also part of this development plan. Commodity Technology Advisory: Where do you see the market heading? Richard

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